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Terminal tips

The terminal is an essential tool,1 but also one whose tasks are most easily automated and optimized.

  1. If you’re a beginner with the terminal, this reference from Software Carpentry is a good starting point. 

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Using my calendar as a time log

I used to only use my calendar to track upcoming meetings. But then I read Philip Guo’s blog post on time management, and was fascinated by how he used his calendar to show where his time went.

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Staying on top of email

I find it hard to be productive when my inbox is cluttered with emails. It’s easy to lose track of high-priority tasks in a messy inbox.

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Automating C++ builds in ROS

If you’re working on a C++ ROS project, you probably run catkin build every time you make a change. This is tedious and takes you out of your programming flow. It’s especially annoying when your build fails multiple times due to small errors. I’m a big proponent of keeping the iteration loop as small as possible.1

  1. Originally inspired by Brett Victor’s talk, “Inventing on Principle.” Check it out a recording of it here: video link

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How I Journal

Can you remember, off the top of your head, what you were doing at this date and time two months ago? What about just two weekends ago? It is surprising to me how rarely people journal when our memories are so ephemeral. We have new thoughts, experiences, and conversations every day, yet we save and reflect on so few of them.

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You Should Use a Password Manager

It’s easy to get lazy and use the same password for multiple account logins. But doing so leaves you much less secure than having different passwords.

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