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How to install ROS drivers for Azure Kinect on Ubuntu 16.04

Following up from my previous post on installing the Azure Kinect SDK on Ubuntu 16.04, this post provides instructions for setting up ROS drivers for the Azure Kinect. These instructions apply for ROS kinetic and Ubuntu 16.04.

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How to install the Azure Kinect SDK on Ubuntu 16.04

Microsoft recently released the Azure Kinect DK sensor, a $399 developer-oriented sensor kit for robotics and mixed reality applications. The kit’s SDK officially supports Windows and Linux 18.04. I’ve managed to get the v1.1 SDK working on Ubuntu 16.04, and have documented the steps below.

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Automating C++ builds in ROS

If you’re working on a C++ ROS project, you probably run catkin build every time you make a change. This is tedious and takes you out of your programming flow. It’s especially annoying when your build fails multiple times due to small errors. I’m a big proponent of keeping the iteration loop as small as possible.1

  1. Originally inspired by Brett Victor’s talk, “Inventing on Principle.” Check it out a recording of it here: video link

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Robotics Day at Microsoft

When it comes to applying for opportunities, I’m no different from everyone else: I always get anxious. But preparing an application is often a great way to make your work presentable and gauge your progress.

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