Hi, I am a PhD student in Robotics working with Prof. Dave Held at the CMU Robotics Institute. My research interests lie in robot learning and human-robot interaction.

I graduated from Yale in 2015 with bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Economics. As an undergraduate, I assisted Brian Scassellati's research at the Social Robotics Lab, resulting in second-author publications in HRI 2016 and ICRA 2016. My senior thesis on robotic perception of human gestures was awarded the 2015 Computer Science Research Prize.

Since college, I worked at Microsoft for a few years before returning to research as lab staff at Maya Cakmak's Human-Centered Robotics Lab. Read my CV here.

In my spare time, I read/listen to books, practice cooking, participate in athletic events like Tough Mudder with friends, and travel with a moleskine so I can sketch the sights.

Recent News

Apr 08, 2019 I was awarded the 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
Jan 25, 2019 Paper accepted to ICRA 2019!
Aug 09, 2018 Paper accepted to ACM SUI 2018!
Apr 04, 2018 I received an Honorable Mention for my 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship submission!
Apr 03, 2018 I am participating in the Spring 2 batch at Recurse Center in NYC from April to June.

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